Chicago Rabbi: Bachmann Should Not Have Been Focus of Yom Kippur

In other national headlines, a Maryland high school student who was shot six weeks ago threw out a baseball playoff first pitch, and an impatient Wisconsin man called 911 from inside a police station.

Chicago Rabbi: Bachmann Should Not Have Been Focus of Yom Kippur

A week after U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann made a controversial appearance at a Chicago synagogue on Yom Kippur, the congregation’s senior rabbi and the man who introduced the Minnesota Republican said her visit should have stayed centered around the Jewish holiday.

Rabbi Michael Siegel made a customary greeting to the polarizing politician, a standard act to public officials who attend services. However, it wasn’t long before people lashed out not only at Bachmann, but also at Siegel. Read more...

Shooting Victim, Hero Toss Ceremonial First Pitch

A sellout crowd stood before Sunday's Orioles and Yankees playoff game as Maryland high school student Daniel Borowy threw out the ceremonial first pitch with his guidance counselor, Jesse Wasmer. 

Six weeks ago, Borowy, 17, was seriously wounded when he was shot in the high school lunchroom, allegedly at the hands of a fellow student. Wasmer is credited with intervening and preventing further violence. See a video of the pitch...

Impatient Man Calls 911 From Police Station Lobby

A 34-year-old Wisconsin man allegedly dialed 911 in late September from the front lobby of a police station lobby, complaining that it was taking too long for his name to be called while he waited to appear in court for a municipal citation.

He received another citation for the misuse of 911. Read more...


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