Commissioners Want 11 New Police Cars

The more than $370,000 that would be needed to buy the new vehicles and convert them to police work would come from capital reserves.

The is expected to vote to approve the purchase of 11 new vehicles for the during their Tuesday morning meeting.

This is the first major vehicle buying proposal since the economy entered its downturn; in healthier financial times, the county would replace old and maintenance-heavy vehicles yearly. For the past four years, Cobb's police cars have had to soldier on with limited circulation of new vehicles.

A typical police car is driven 96,000 miles a year, according to the county's public meeting agenda. Without the influx of new vehicles seen in previous years, maintenance costs are increasing and hurting the resale value of the older fleet vehicles.

Fifty vehicles have been replaced by alternate means this year, but a further eleven need to be exchanged for brand new Chevrolet Caprices. Unfortunately, the equipment in the old Ford Crown Victorias is incompatible with the new Caprices. The purchasing and refitting of the Chevrolets for police purposes will cost around $70,000 alone.

Not only will the new cars improve the strength of the police fleet, but add to the positive environmental changes the county is striving for. The newer vehicles are more fuel-efficient and less damaging to the environment. The new vehicles also have advanced safety features not available on the older models.

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners will meet at 9 a.m. on the second floor of in Marietta. The meeting will be available on Channel 23 and streamed online.

Darryl Wilson September 11, 2012 at 04:04 PM
So, how many schoolteachers could we have in Cobb if we put money like this toward prevention efforts, like a constitutionally mandated and quality education, instead of prosecution and enforcement efforts which incur even more long-term costs? Call your commissioner and tell them that the first vehicle that you want your tax dollars to purchase is te vehicle for freedom, liberty and higher personal income.... Education.


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