News Nearby: Atlanta Police Helicopter Crashes on Martin Luther King Dr.

Youthful play in Dunwoody turned dangerous Sunday night when a local girl fell out of a three-story window after jumping on her bed—take a look at headlines from around the region.

Six-Year-Old Dunwoody Girl Recovering from Three-story Fall - Dunwoody Patch

Youthful play turned dangerous Sunday night when a local girl fell out of a three-story window after jumping on her bed.

The Dunwoody girl was quickly rushed to Scottish Rite hospital, where she was admitted with minor injuries. .

- Cascade Patch

In one of the most shocking police accidents of the year, an Atlanta Police helicopter lost control and fell out of the sky while clipping power lines at the corner of Martin Luther King and H.E. Holmes Drive on Saturday evening, November 3, 2012. The 2 officers piloting the helicopter died at the fiery scene.

Channel 2 reports that investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board are currently looking into what caused the crash. And the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says the Atlanta Police wanted the helicopter replaced in 2001..

No Bombshell Revealed in Orrick Personnel File

There are still no clear answers as to why "it didn't work out for the city and for Chief Orrick, according to Mayor Jere Wood in an interview with wsbtv.com.

Dwayne Orrick's personnel file showed he had met and even exceeded expectations in all of three employee performance evaluations since coming on with the city in early 2011.

City Administrator Kay Love's evaluations of Orrick seemed positive. She listed in all three of his reviews that he "exceeded expectations" for his initiative. She often notes the positive feedback from department heads regarding Orrick. At his six-month evaluation in August 2011, Love praised Orrick's leadership style, writing: "He has the innate ability to assess a problem and come up with a solution within resources allocated. The end result is a more efficient department."

The only negative comments from Love were in regards to his communication style.


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