Fire Risk Increases in Winter

Atlanta Fire Rescue Department offers advice on how to avoid potential hazards.

As temperatures fall, people look for ways to keep warm.

Many will bring out their space heaters or use their fireplaces.

But as it gets colder, the risk of fires increase because some homeowners either don't take some precautions or make mistakes putting themselves at risk.

Officials from the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department have been going to different community meetings to discuss the steps they should take, such as inspecting cords and keeping space heaters a safe distance from materials prone to catching fire.

On Tuesday, AFRD's Todd Edwards, Fifth Battalion chief, spoke to members of Neighborhood Planning Unit-O to give them guidelines on what to do to reduce their fire risk.

The Fifth Battalion includes Fire Station 18 in Kirkwood, Fire Station 10 in Grant Park and Fire Station 13 in East Atlanta.


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