Cobb Man Gets Prison for Attacking Wife

Darron Jerome Jones, a convicted felon, was sentenced to 20 years, with 10 years to serve in custody and the rest on probation.

Darron Jerome Jones. Credit: Cobb County jail
Darron Jerome Jones. Credit: Cobb County jail
According to Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds, a convicted felon is returning to prison after pleading guilty to assaulting his wife.

Darron Jerome Jones, 38, threatened his wife with an illegal, sawed-off shotgun at their Mableton apartment last October. In a witness statement, his wife noted that he had been violent with her for at least a year, and that, although she was ill with kidney disease and vomiting, he repeatedly made her have sex with him.

Jones was indicted on charges of aggravated assault, rape, and firearms-possession charges.

Sherwin Figueroa, the assistant district attorney prosecuting the case, explained that marital rape is a crime.

“Married or not, sex against a woman’s will is rape, and this case is an example of how seriously we take domestic violence crimes and the various power and control tactics -- physical, mental or sexual -- abusers impose on their victims,” Figueroa said in a statement. “This defendant was facing a life sentence on the rape charge, and that is what made him accept responsibility for his actions and plead guilty to aggravated assault.”

On Friday, Cobb Superior Court Judge S. Lark Ingram sentenced Jones to 20 years, with 10 years to serve in custody and the rest on probation.

Marietta attorney Kareem West represented Jones, who had previously been convicted of felony drug charges in Fulton County.
Lone Stranger June 09, 2014 at 02:58 PM
Rule number one. Men don't attack women. Men don't lay hands on women even if the woman punches you full on in the face. You just stand and take it like a man. Or if she's big then you may hit the deck but still, you have to take it like a man. This is true because 1. It's the "man's code". If you don't get this go ask a real man. He will tune you up on this issue forthwith. 2. For those of you who cant get rule one try rule two, it's a bad legal move. You will get the book thrown at you every time. So if you are a man child and still want to hit women, then think about the bail money and the prison time. Prisoners love wife beaters. They know you are a chump and a punk. You got suckered into hitting a woman or you were too weak and had no moral code so they already have your number and will deal with you. That wont be too good for you sparky.
Octo Slash June 10, 2014 at 08:30 AM
Forced her to have sex while she vomited with diseased kidneys? If that doesn't put the romance back into the marriage, nothing will.


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