Austell Woman Sentenced to Life for Alleged Role in Valentine's Day Murder Plot

Her significant other, also from Austell, will face trial later this year for allegedly shooting a Snellville man to death.

An Austell woman was sentenced to life without parole for her alleged role in a Valentine's Day murder plot of a Snellville man, according to an Aug. 9 report from the Gainesville Times.

Ross was accused of serving as the "middle man" in a plot to kill Richard Schoeck of Snellville on Valentine's Day 2010.

Prosecutors said Richard Shoeck, 45, was shot to death as he waited to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts with his wife, Stacey, after dark in Belton Bridge Park in 2010.

Stacey Shoeck, 40,  testified that she hired Ross’ love interest Reginald Coleman, also of Austell, to kill her husband. She gave Ross a house and a car as payment for connecting her with Coleman, the Gainesville Times reported in May.

Coleman allegedly received $10,000, and will likely face the death penalty.

Stacey Shoeck said she erroneously believed her husband was molesting their children, the newspaper reported.

Both Stacey Shoeck and Coleman have also been charged.

Coleman is scheduled to face trial later this year, and District Attorney Lee Darragh said his office will seek the death penalty against him.

Because Stacey Shoeck testified against Ross to her charges, prosecutors will not seek the death penalty for her.

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