Austell Woman Killed Crossing Road

The driver is not expected to be charged in Friday night's collision on Austell Road.

An Austell woman was killed late Friday night while crossing Austell Road south of Floyd Road.

Wendy Nolan, 39, of Austell was struck by a red 2004 Toyota Corolla just before 10:40 p.m., spokesman Officer Mike Bowman reported. He said she stepped into the path of the northbound Toyota, which was driven by Jasmine Hamm, 24, of Austell.

Nolan was pronounced dead at .

Hamm was not hurt and is not expected to be charged, Bowman said.

Police ask anyone with information on the fatal crash to call 770-499-3987.

Does Cobb County need to do more for pedestrian safety? Tell us in the comment space below.

It was the third serious car-pedestrian collision and second fatality in two days in the southeastern quarter of Cobb County.

Former football coach Charles Collins, 66, of Smyrna when he was hit by a white 2004 Chevrolet Silverado while trying to cross Atlanta Road in Smyrna.

Preston Lee Hester, 62, of Greensboro, NC, when he was hit crossing Powder Springs Road at Oxford Road by a green 2002 Toyota Camry. He was taken to Kennestone.

No charges are expected in either of those accidents.

Friday’s fatal collision was about four miles south of the accident that injured Hester and eight miles west of the crash that killed Collins.

It also was four miles south of the area along Austell Road where 4-year-old A.J. Newman was killed in April 2010 while trying to cross without a crosswalk. That death , Raquel Nelson, for misdemeanor second-degree vehicular homicide for failing to stop him from running into the street.

Nelson , but it brought to light how . Funding issues along Austell Road.

Lisa Cupid February 25, 2012 at 10:59 PM
This is terrible to hear, as is any unexpected loss of life for persons involved. Both pedestrians and drivers have legal responsibility when it comes to our roads. Still, there is significant opportunity in Cobb to improve pedestrian safety with additional sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic light intersections. The reality is that pedestrian-friendly improvements cost money, and it will take pressure from Cobb County taxpayers to see less money going to road improvements and more money going towards pedestrian travel and safety. While all the safeguards in the world won't end all pedestrian-vehicle accidents, they can certainly become less frequent and fatal.
Dominique Huff February 26, 2012 at 03:59 PM
You may remember that Austell Road was the scene of a controversial pedestrian killing involving a CCT passenger and her children. The major problem that I am seeing is that fact that there are not enough crosswalks and coordination of bus stops to handle. I have seen many times passengers get off the buses and instead of walking to the nearest crosswalk (sometimes a long distance away, they will dart across the street). Many suburban roads were not designed with pedestrian traffic in mind. I have walked along busy roads with no sidewalks, no bus shelters and crossing devices that were not working. To make improvements, we are looking at funds that the county simply does not have. In Cobb, the road is king, just look at what's happening with the TSPLOST referendum. I agree we need to do more about these roads (especially bottlenecks, roads to nowhere and connectivity), but we must focus on alternative forms of transportation as well. Ms. Cupid, as a candidate for Cobb Commission, how would you address these issues in your district if elected?
Lisa Cupid March 02, 2012 at 04:24 AM
A key part of my platform is championing quality development. Part of this includes creating communities that are more walkable. My children and I enjoy our times outdoors. I also jog. It is isolating that we can’t go far beyond our neighborhood due to limited sidewalks. What happened to Raquel Nelson and her family was heartbreaking. When I heard about her circumstance I immediately contacted the county to urge improvement to pedestrian safety. I also gathered several letters of support for her. These recent pedestrian deaths are likewise tragic. As a concerned resident I am limited in what I can do to tackle this issue. However, with your support and the support of like-minded persons we can have better opportunity for resolve.


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