New Year's Resolutions Can Be A Family Affair

When making New Year's Resolution's, your kids can be a part of your new lifestyle.

As the new year rolls in, many adults will be making New Year's resolutions. Fitness, health, and budget are often what people choose to change. New Year's is also a great time to help your child to make a resolution. It can help you to address an issue that your child may be having or to include your kids in your own resolutions.

Starting a healthier lifestyle by being more active is a popular resolution for many parents. Snap Fitness in Mableton makes it easy to work out with 24-hour access to their gym. Curves is another fitness center, this one dedicated to women only. Your child can participate in being more active as well.

At Mableton Elementary, the JJJ is a walking club that is available for students. This month, the JJJ received the PTA Healthy Lifestyle grant, which allowed the club to purchase pedometers for the children to track their steps. They also have events such as the Jaguar Jingle Jog and skate nights that help to keep the kids moving, with an added benefit of fundraising for the school.

Eating healthy also ranks high as a New Year's resolution. You can control what your family eats at home by cooking healthier meals and making better choices. Set an example for your children by choosing better foods so that when they are not with you they will be more likely to make similar choices.

Schools in Cobb County, such as Harmony Leland in Mableton and Bryant Elementary in Austell, not only give choices on the lunch menu, but also make the nutritional information available. If you have an older child, you can teach them how to read the nutritional guidelines when making choices. At school, milk and juice are offered at all meals. Vegetarian choices as well as meat are available each day as well.

You can also help your child to make his or her own resolutions. Doing well in school, especially as CRCT testing is in just a few months, or helping out more at home can be great resolutions. Putting down the video games is another great resolution that will help kids become more active. With many great parks around the Mableton and Austell area, playing outside is easy to do. New Year's is a great time to make a conscious effort to make a change in habit or behavior. With the support of everyone in the family, your resolutions and your children's can be followed through and make your family's life healthier and happier.  


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