A Shift in the Atmosphere

A shift in the atmosphere


Mableton, Ga.--There was a shift in the atmosphere in Georgia on January 28th. This shift caused traffic troubles, stranded vehicles, sleepovers in schools, and black ice. It blanketed Georgia with crystal white snow that enabled children to frolic in the beauty and the simplicity of the snow.

This shift in the atmosphere stirred sleeping angels in the form of teachers , principals, and bus drivers who  hosted the biggest slumber parties in the state; in the form of a young man with a one-year –old child who brought water and snacks for free to people stranded in their cars;  in the form of Publix, Kroger, and Home Depot  managers who  provided shelter for stranded motorists; in the form of men who pushed cars and vans and trucks out of slippery places; and in the form of people  who left their porch lights on to  signal strangers that there was a place they could seek shelter to rest.

Fire stations provide warming stations. The Hero units assisted stranded semis. In Sandy Springs, the Public Works Department, and the National Guard helped stranded motorists, and provided them with food, water, and toiletries.

Although this shift in the atmosphere created uncomfortable chaos (According to the Department of Transportation, there were 1254 accidents, 130 injuries, and one fatality related to the weather), it left a message for Georgians- Be still and know that I am with you.  Give thanks for lessons learned, and remember the love shared by strangers.

Jacqueline Crawford


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