What make a great church member?

Dr. Stovall answers the question, "What makes a great church member?"

I was recently asked what makes a good church member. I must admit that as a pastor I find myself being asked a wide range of questions ... so much so that there is no "strange question" to me anymore. But this was the first time that I can remember ever being asked this specific question. My first response wanted to be to identify what most people would typically identify as the qualities of a good church member:

  • Fully devoted follower of Jesus
  • Faithful in worship, fellowship & serving in the church's ministries
  • Generous giver of tithes, offerings, time and talents
  • Faithful witness of the gospel to anyone and everyone that moves
  • Encouraging to the pastor

I think you get the point.

However, my response was the following ...

Great church members are the ones who pray and apply Matthew 5:3 for their lives and their church ("Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."). They are the ones who pray for God to give them a pure heart so that in all circumstance they are concerned with seeing God. Because what they want to see more than anything else ... is God. They want to see God move in their lives, the church and the lives of others. Focusing on a pure heart is a biblically guaranteed way to see that happen. Focusing on negative feelings and fellowship hall gossip is a biblically guaranteed way to miss God and even be an active part of the problem.

Unity is not uniformity. Unity in the church is not something that we are to create; rather, it is a gift that God has already given in Jesus that we must actively protect. Churches that are unified in mission and vision tend to be most effective at accomplishing their mission and vision. Churches that allow the Devil to take an inch while he tries to steal a mile by stirring up discord in the church will become distracted and fractured.

As good as it is to have church members who are faithful in worship, fellowship & serving ... generous givers ... faithful witness ... encouraging to the pastor, it is great to have church members who are concerned about seeing God work. These are the members who will protect the unity of the church as well as faithfully contribute to the ministry of the church.

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Rev. Lionel R. Gantt February 12, 2012 at 08:50 PM
First of all the Church is the body of Christ, not those four walls, which we call the church. We were mis- guided by the world church under mostly European control at that time as they fought countless wars forcing their beliefs on the rest of the world. I too, was once fool by this so call church and membership church planting belief. That has nothing to do with the plan, the will or the purpose of God. The work is not inside those four walls, the work is outside those walls, where children of this world are lost seeking the Lord our God. Shouldn’t we all be more like Jesus, is that not our goal? Jesus never built any building calling them a Church, he preached outside in the open air and there was only one Temple of God, the House of God which was built at the direction of God. One God one world Church, no I am not countering anything my Brother has said, that is all good, but let’s look at the example of the first Church.
Rev. Lionel R. Gantt February 12, 2012 at 08:51 PM
The word of God said they went from house to house, every man had everything in common and the church took care of people to meet every need of the people who were in the body of Christ. Jesus went from house to house, so they (the Apostles) did as Jesus did. Now days if you go to a Church for any help or assistance you are told some long story about why they cannot help you, yet the people see the Pastors riding big cars, big houses, $500 dollar coats and shoes - come on now. Jesus said wide is the gate that lead to destruction; but narrow in the way that lead to righteousness. The church is so far from where God want it to be.
Rev. Lionel R. Gantt February 12, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Why because we are training pastors to build big churches and not the body of Christ. A good member no such thing as we look at the early church. We are members of the body of Christ, the children of the living God, the offspring of God, brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the true and living God. There is only one body of Christ worldwide no church walls, no denominations. When we get to heaven there will be people from everywhere, every color of skin, every race and nationality. Sunday morning in America is the most segregated day of the week. We can all work together throughout the week; but on Sunday morning we are all separated worshiping God. Pastor the Kingdom of God has nothing to with what we call worship, fellowship, serving, generous givers, what we call faithful wittiness and encouraging to the pastor, in the word of God the 1st commandment said "I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other god before me. Sad to say we have created - what we call churches


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