Right Questions, Wrong Answers: Life’s Decisions & What I Thought I Knew

How often do we discard what we perceive as wrong an hold on to what we perceive as right based on what we think we know? We must learn to discard expediency and test our decisions.

Life’s Decisions & What I thought I knew: Bad Battery or Bad Clock

Each time I think I have all of the answers; it seems life changes the questions!!

I have an old battery operated clock. Last week, I noticed it was not running.  I replaced the battery as I have done for years. This morning, I noticed it had stopped running again. I concluded, erroneously that it had seen its last days and I reluctantly decided to toss it.

I removed what I considered the “good battery” from the “bad clock,” and dropped the clock in the garbage.  The Spirit spoke to me and inquired, “Is it the battery or the clock? Test it with a different battery.”   I obeyed. The clock started ticking again.  The clock is running even now. This time, it is the battery that is in the garbage.

I find myself wondering, what else have I discarded under an erroneous assumption?  I was told once by a discarded suitor that “sometimes you kill things that don’t deserve to die.”  While I still believe it was the right decision to discard him; his statement has resonated with me.  Could he have been right about me?  Hmm

How many times do we think we know how things are and find that we are wrong?  One of my favorite quotes is by Artemus Ward, American Writer and Humorist, 1834-1867
He said,  “It ain't so much the things we don't know that get us in trouble. It's the things we know that ain't so.

What is the challenge for us all? Discard expediency and test our decisions.  Perhaps what we are keeping is bad and what we are discarding is good based on the wrong assumptions.  What should we do?  Think about it. Test it.  Then decide.

This is sobering..I am keeping this writing short as I, too, need to think!!

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Kiri Walton November 10, 2011 at 01:53 PM
This is a great blog post, Ivory. I find that I have the opposite problem, though. I hardly ever throw things out. I have a problem with trying to save things/people that shouldn't be/don't want to be saved. The Lord keeps teaching me the lesson that people are in our lives for certain seasons and you can't drag them into a new one if they're not supposed to be there. I pray that I'll learn it one day.
Ivory Dorsey, Speaker, Facilitator, and Author November 10, 2011 at 07:38 PM
Do not grow weary in doing good. I would rather fail trying to do good than to regret not doing what I could. Stay as you are. The the weeds and flowers eventually separate.


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