Erotic Book Purchases Earn Atlanta 'Sexiest City' Title

"Hotlanta" beats out Seattle and Los Angeles.

Atlanta is known for a lot of things -- professional sports teams, politics, tourist attractions -- but sexiness?

According to a recently released ranking by U Star Novels, Atlanta is the sexiest city in the country based on the number of erotic novels purchased by its residents. 

Based on data from 2,000 customers, the results showed Atlanta residents purchased three times the amount of erotic books per capita than Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Diego.

The top 10 sexiest cities per capita according to the results:

1. Atlanta 
2. Seattle 
3. Las Vegas 
4. San Diego 
5. Dallas 
6. Chicago 
7. Houston 
8. Brooklyn 
9. New York 
10. Los Angeles

U Star Novels.com allows customers to personalize romantic and erotic novels by filling out an oline form with with pet names, favorite perfumes, celebrity crushes and more. The details are then incorporated into a novel to share with loved ones.

Would you buy a customized romantic or erotic novel for your loved one? Let us know in the comments.

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