Chow Down on R'Jabs Wings or an MJ LMMNZ Reuben

Deb gives us a glimpse of her experiences at local Mableton businesses.

About town in Mableton she goes.

While I was at the Mableton Community Day meeting a couple of weeks ago, I was standing and talking to the Senior Vice Commander Tony Bennett of the American Legion.

Ricky Hill of approached us. He smiles with his whole heart and he starts telling us about these incredible wings.

At the time it was 8:10 p.m. and he invites us to come to his restaurant and taste his wings for free. Within seconds, we were out the door and following him. His restaurant is at 6274 Mableton Parkway, Suite B next to Domino’s Pizza. We go in and are met by the other two owners, Alonzo Hill and Jacques Jenannot. They fix us the R'JABS’ special sauce wings first then they bring out the lemon pepper ones. Well it didn’t take us but a minute to see this man was telling the truth. Funny thing after we talked he said he had responded to an Internet news article to come to the Community Day meeting. I asked him where he saw the article, and he said South Cobb Patch. I laughed and told him I wrote the article, and he was shocked. I was very pleased that this business owner was reaching out to help his community.                                

And the wings were great and inexpensive. Go by on your way home and try those wings. Also on the other side of town off Floyd Road in the shopping center before you cross over the Silver Comet Trail on your left (phew!), I stopped by for lunch and had the hand car wash service in the same building. I ordered my Rueben sandwich and began to eat my lunch. I looked up and this guy has taken my interior mats out and he is scrubbing them and cleaning them. I think, ‘That is nice.’ Then I see him vacuuming it out and then he is cleaning the carpets all by hand. I am thinking, ‘I am going to owe this guy a fortune.’  After that he proceeds to get down on his knees and scrub the wheels and the tires with a fury.  He then begins to hand wash the car and then rinse it. He did all this time on my car and had it done by the time I finished only half of the HUGE Reuben sandwich.  I don’t know how anyone can finish such a huge sandwich. I step out and he stands there with a smile and hands me my keys. He says, “It’s $20.” My car was absolutely spotless inside and out.                                                                                                           

I have been to detail shops and seen people pay $70 and get less.  Try this with a Reuben, and you will be on your way in no time.  And if you have some work to do, try and get the car serviced and washed all at the same time.  We have so many wonderful gifts in Mableton’s businesses. Shop local.

Let’s build our economy and support our businesses.


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