Are Georgia Lottery players the nation's biggest suckers?

If you're from Georgia and you play the lottery, you may be playing a losing game.

Are Georgia lottery players bigger suckers than people in other parts of the country? Could be.

A recent study in Bloomberg showed that Georgians not only play big when it comes to the lottery, they also lose big. This has earned them the title of "biggest suckers" in America.

According to a report in AOL's Daily Finance, Georgia residents spent an average of $470.73 per adult on lottery tickets -- or $3.4 billion -- over the past year. This number represents 1 percent of Georgian's collective annual income. The payouts however, were not so great -- just 62.9 percent. 

Even though the odds are long (1 in 175 million), the lure of a half-billion dollar jackpot is sure to bring out a lot of suckers -- Georgians and others.

So do you have your ticket for Friday's Mega Millions? What would you do with half a billion dollars? Tell us in the comments.

Pam J March 30, 2012 at 11:25 PM
I've read this story on AOL. This principle could apply to a lot of different things. Paying to see a movie you didn't like, eating at a restaurant where you didn't like the food, buying a book and not liking it. We all spend money on things that didn't work out. Yes, I bought five tickets for tonight. I do it for fun because I'm fairly certain I won't win. But if I did, I would look for people in Cobb County who are down on their luck, through no fault of their own, and help them out. Then I would buy a lot of land and open up a place where unwanted cats and dogs could live. I would buy some trucks and have employees search for strays and try to get them before the animal control does. I would hire people to run the place. As you can tell, I haven't put any thought into this at all! But I wish everybody a lot of luck. Because that is what it will take. Luck.


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