'Two-Fur-One' Adoptions at Good Mews

The East Cobb shelter has specials on pairs of cats in celebration of Valentine's Day.

Cobb-based Good Mews Animal Foundation, a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter, announces special “two-fur-one” adoption fees throughout the month of February.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, bonded/mandatory pairs of adoptable cats will be available for a special “love bird” rate of $114.00 for the pair. Adopters may also form their own pair of cats for twice the love and a special rate of $125.00 for the pair. Each adopted pair will come with a goody bag.

Cats bond with each other in the same way as humans, so separating a bonded pair can cause depression and often lead to health and behavioral problems. Having a friend in a new place can help cats happily transition to their forever home, but there are other benefits for adopters, too. Cats are much less likely to engage in destructive or other disruptive behaviors when they have another cat to socialize with; they provide each other with built-in exercise and playtime.

Good Mews is in its 25th year of operation, housing approximately 100 cats within the shelter, and has placed over 6,700 cats in their forever homes. Adoption hours are Saturdays, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., and the second, third and fourth Sundays of the month, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. 

For more information about the foundation or to make an adoption appointment, visit www.goodmews.org. You can also find Good Mews on Facebook.


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