Sure it's warm, but two years ago today you awoke to Snowpocalypse ... remember?

Temperatures are climbing into the upper 60s, but two years ago today, Metro Atlanta was frolicking in the results of an impactful winter storm that just wouldn't go away.

Sure it’s unseasonably warm today, but few will forget what they woke up to two years ago today.

Can you say Snowpocalypse?

Thursday’s predicted low temperature of 56 degrees is actually higher than the average temperature for this date and in the coming days temps are expected to rise into the 70s.

But it was a far different, and much chillier story two years ago when snow began falling during the evening hours of Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011. By the time Monday morning rolled around, the metro area was a winter wonderland.

Two years ago today, temperatures didn’t climb above freezing as people were skiing down streets, using cookie sheets as sleds and reveling in the fun of a rare winter snowstorm in the south.  

But more snow and freezing rain came on Jan. 10 leading to much of the metro area being frozen out of work, school, and just about everything else for almost a full week. In essence, the everything came to a freezing screeching halt. 

Icy road conditions were very hazardous and drivers were advised to stay off the streets. Many major roads were a sheet of ice for days as the remnants of the storm were slow to thaw.

Some of those roads are state routes, which meant it was the Georgia Department of Transportation’s responsibility to clear them. But GDOT focused its efforts on clearing the highways, and streets were largely ignored — even in Atlanta.

By the weekend, life was beginning to return to normal and Atlanta Public Schools finally returned to the classroom on Jan. 18, 2011. But even after all the ice melted, garbage cans were overflowing on several side streets in Midtown as city solid waste collections were temporarily suspended because of the storm.

All in all, it was one "Snowmageddon" of a storm that residents won’t soon forget.

What are your Snowpocalypse memories?


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