The Recipes You Need for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie and apple cheese tart; Irish sausage stuffing, green beans and roasted winter squash; cranberry cherry relish and cranberry sauce; mashed potatoes, sweet potato peach puffs and potato casserole; traditional and nontraditional turkey recipes.

Share your holiday recipes in the comments below or by emailing Melissa Kory at melissa.kory@Patch.com.


  • Non-traditional Ways to Cook a Turkey
  • In Search of the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe


  • Traditional Mashed Potatoes
  • Sweet Potato Peach Puffs
  • Potato Casserole

Cranberry Sides

  • Cranberry Cherry Relish Perfect for the Holidays
  • Traditional Cranberry Sauce
  • Triple Cranberry Sauce


  • Green Beans
  • Roasted Winter Squash

Other Sides

  • Irish Sausage Stuffing
  • Yummy Holiday Mexican Salad
  • Fantastic Thanksgiving Sides
  • Snacks Your Children Can Make


  • Holiday Recipe: Homemade Pumpkin Pie
  • Apple Cheese Tart
  • Holiday Dessert Recipe for Marietta-Area Dialysis Patients
  • Recipe: How to Roast the Perfect Pumpkin Seeds


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