UPDATE: Are you Ready to get Scuffed Up in Loganville?

Lose some, win some - sound good to you? Lose the most weight and win some money that is.

UPDATE: Patch editor weighed in and on the program. Anyone who wants to join the challenge has until Jan. 31 to get weighed in. If I win, the winnings go to Bliss Animal Haven. 

Sgt. Christopher Diaz and his wife, Emily - both certified personal and group trainers - are hosting the ultimate weight loss competition in Loganville for the next 90 days. The good news is that participants stand a chance to win almost as much as they do to lose.

“The biggest loser for this competition will be determined by percentage of weight lost during the competition and a $200 cash prize will be awarded to the winner,” Diaz said.

The competition opened on Jan. 12, 2012 and potential losers – or winners depending on how you look at it – have until the Jan. 31 deadline to sign up. The contest will end on April 20, 2013. The cost to register is $30. It will be run out of Meridian Park in Loganville.

The challenge will be run by Diaz and his wife.

Christopher Diaz

  • Former U.S. Army Basic Training Drill Sergeant
  • Certified U.S. Army Master Fitness Instructor
  • Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps-Army Instructor at South Gwinnett High School

Emily Diaz

  • Certified Personal and Group Trainer
  • American Sports & Fitness Assoction

Here are the basics:

  • Entry and Eligibility to win. Contestants must complete a registration form and pay application fee of $30 between January 1st and January 31st 2013.  Contestants must be 18 years of age or older. GRAND PRIZE IS $200 CASH!
  • To be eligible to win the Grand Prize, contestants must complete three on sight “weigh-ins”.    Starting Weights will begin on January 12th between 9AM-12:00 Noon, at the Meridian Community Center, 105 Generation Blvd, Loganville, GA 30052.  If a contestant is not available on that date, the first weigh-in must be completed before January 31st, 2013 at 1 PM. 
  • Contestants will have the opportunity for routine “weigh-in” checks.  Routine weigh-in checks are not mandatory, however, to be eligible to win, contestants must participate in three weigh-ins, between January 12th and March 30th (1PM) 2013.
  • Cost to participate in the ultimate Weight Loss Competition is $30 per person, and must be paid in cash, check or money order to Get Scuffed Up-Fitness.
  • There is No Guarantee of Weight Loss for this competition – only incentive.
  • The winner will be determined by total percentage of weight loss.  This will be determined by taking the initial weight and dividing the amount of weight reduced in pounds during the competition.  
  • Contestants must agree to exercise healthy life-style choices during the competition dates. 

Get the full contest rules and download the registration form here.

Kristy Olds January 15, 2013 at 02:40 AM
I have tried to contact him via the email address on his website. It was returned undeliverable. Sharon, do you have a better email address for Sgt Diaz?
Tammy Osier January 15, 2013 at 03:07 AM
I have been getting "scuffed up" for quite some time now. The work out is great and these guys are the most encouraging people you will ever meet. Check out their website. They have been around for a while and have done a variety of things (work outs, runs etc...). My grandkids went to the Kid's BootCamp last summer and had a blast. I'm conflicted as to who gives the best workout though - Sgt. Diaz or Emily. Both have their own style and they make it fun.
Kim Roberto January 18, 2013 at 10:19 PM
I appreciate the push Sharon, but sitting here munching on Hershey's kisses and checking emails on a Friday afternoon thinking I should be on the treadmill......I don't think I'm up for the challenge just yet.
Sharon Swanepoel January 18, 2013 at 10:22 PM
Kristy, I will see if I can find out. I contacted him through Facebook. Tomorrow is "D Day" for me. I'm going for my weigh in so I will find out for you! I'll pass on your email info to him. Tammy, do you have alternative contact info for Sgt. Diaz?
Sharon Swanepoel January 24, 2013 at 02:55 PM
OK, D-day arrived and I weighed in, ugh! As if I didn't need any more incentive. Well, my target by summer is 14 percent of my body weight (don't ask). My challenge still stands, anyone who wants to join me you have until Jan. 31 to weigh in at Meridian Park. Emily will take care of you and give you some great tips on how to get started. One day in and if I drink any more water, I think I will float away!


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