5 Good Resources for Upgrading to iOS7

Wanting to convert? Here are some explainer articles that will help.

Apple devices.
Apple devices.
With Wednesday's launch of iOS7, it's the time to provide some handy sources of information on Apple's new mobile operating system.

First, iOS7 is not just for Apple's brand-new products. It can be downloaded for free for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and for the iPad 2, as well as third- and fourth-generation iPads and the iPad mini. And it works with the latest generation iPod Touch.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin told TechCrunch, “I think iOS 7 is the biggest day in technology ever. There’s never been another day like this in the history of the universe where hundreds of millions of people will see a big change to something that they’re used to. Nothing of this scale has ever occurred.”

If that's the case, then consumers will need help. In that spirit, here are five good articles to help Apple users make the leap.

1. Getting started. Cnet's Jason Cipriani has a primer on the five things to do before installing iOS7. His five: Make sure your device is compatible, delete unused apps, update the apps you have installed, back up your device (more details here) and update iTunes. (A new version of iTunes was just released.)

2. New camera features. Cipriani also offers tips for the new camera app.

3. Features, features, features. The Los Angeles Times looks at the top 10 new features in the mobile OS, including iTunes Radio and automatic updating of apps. (Interestingly, the Times points out the latter was a feature suggested by Arizona Sen. John McCain during a hearing with Apple CEO Tim Cook.)

4. Are you a power user? TechCrunch offers some tips and tricks.

5. To upgrade or not upgrade? Time magazine lays out the pros and cons of making the upgrade. The writer points out the "steeper than usual learning curve" and that once you upgrade, there's no going back.

Longtime Wall Street Journal tech writer Walt Mossberg writes: "Like any big change, it’s a shock at first, but I have come to like it and consider it a step forward, despite a few issues."

Have you downloaded iOS7? Or are you going to stick with what you have? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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